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Order your Au Revoir Kit and give your little one’s wardrobe a make-over whilst making a little cash for yourself.

Fill out the simple form on this page and we will send you an Au Revoir Kit that you can send us your items in. We’ll make payment as soon as we’ve approved the clothing.

If you’d like to do a Good Deed, and make the world a little happier, choose the ‘Donate’ option. We’ll either donate your clothes to one of our Charity Partners or Recycle them. We use a small part of the money to pay for postage.

If you have a large amount of baby and children’s designer clothing that you would like to donate your earnings to charity then please contact us here and we will arrange for private collection courtesy of Preloved Bebe. Please note, we do not currently send Au Revoir Kits to addresses outside of Mainland UK.

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