How it Works

Selling your items is easy with Preloved Bebe.

Simply request an Au Revoir Kit, send your items to us for free (yep, we pay for the shipping) and we’ll pay you via your chosen payment method.

The Process:

Request an Au Revoir Kit

Visit and request an Au Revoir Kit from the 'Sell' page. We ask a few basic question like your contact details, address and how you would like to be paid.

Send us your items

When you receive your Au Revoir Bag, simply fill it with your items and send it back to us free of charge.

We'll inspect your items

Your clothing will be inspected by our re-sale experts for quality (wear, tear, broken zips etc). You can learn more about this process by visiting our 'Things We Like' page.

Unwanted Items

If the items you send don't quite match what we are looking for, we will either donate them to charity, recycle them or send them back to you if you chose the 'Send Back' option when requesting your bag.

Accepted Items

If we accept your items, we will send you an email with confirmation of how much you have earned. If you would like your items returned, there is a small shipping fee of £5.

Getting Paid

Depending on the quality of your items, we typically pay between 30-50% of the value we intend to sell them for. You can choose how we pay you for your items. You can receive the money via Paypal or Bank Transfer. We also offer Store Credit so you can buy new items for your little ones. If you're feeling generous, we will also happily donate the money to a Partner Charity of your choice.